We’ve created a section of advice and information specifically about care to help carers make the most of mobile and online technology within their everyday lives.

  • Developed by Carers UK, Jointly is a mobile and online app designed by carers for carers. Jointly makes caring easier, less stressful and more organised by making communication and coordination between those who share the care as easy as a text message. With Jointly you can create a task and assign it to any member of your Jointly circle, store useful information about the person you are looking after and use Jointly’s Medications feature to keep track of current and past medication of the person you are caring for. Jointlyapp.com

  • SAM helps you understand and manage anxiety. Users can monitor anxious thoughts and behaviour and take on tips for combating the issue. Sam-app.org.uk

  • Medisafe educates people about their meds and condition, sharing progress, tips and providing alerts when the next dose is due. You can also add a Medfriend who will be alerted if a dose is missed. Medisafe.com

People with dementia often struggle with short-term memory loss, and this can often mean that they forget where they are or where they should be. This family Locator app ensures loved ones are safe with GPS tracking. With Life360, just open the app and instantly see everyone in your private circle on the map. You can also message the whole group at once or privately. Life360.com

House of Memories allows you to share memories triggered by exploring a ‘museum’ full of objects. It’s designed specifically for people with dementia and their carers.

Talking Point is a forum offering advice for people living with dementia and their carers. (Produced by the Alzheimer’s Society.) Forum.alzheimers.org.uk

Nourish Care is an easy to use online platform enabling you to plan, record, report and
coordinate care on the go. The simple search allows you to share critical info within your care circle. Nourishcare.co.uk

weKonnekt helps young carers connect and access local support services. Appsforgood.org

Calm invites you to experience life-changing benefits of meditation and mindfulness, offering inspiring stories and practical insights. Calm.com

Turn2us offers a free online benefits calculator making it easier to work out which benefits you might be eligible to claim, and how much you could get. If the person you care for requires extra help to pay for something they need Turn2us offers access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help with a free and easy to use grants search. Turn2us.org.uk

Accomable focuses on travel listings that are disability-friendly with details about step-free access and other adaptations complete with photos. Accomable.com

MindMate will help you to learn about what you can do to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Improve your brain health with the right nutrition, exercises, games and so much more! mindmate-app.com

The Focus@Will app is designed to focus your attention – handy if you struggle to concentrate, for example. The app uses the ‘brainshaping’ features of sound to keep your mind from avoiding distraction and habituation. Focusatwill.com