For travellers with disabilities, finding the right holiday accommodation is vital. So where are the best places to visit? HomeToGo’s data reveals that the availability of accessible accommodation varies hugely between different destinations. The company has identified the 19 UK cities with the highest percentage of accessible holiday rentals. Smaller cities dominate the list, with Newport coming in at #1, followed by Durham and Truro. 

Newport had the highest proportion of wheelchair-accessible accommodation, with 21.79%. In comparison, just 4.76% of holiday rentals in London are accessible. 

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In general, smaller cities offer travellers a greater choice of accessible accommodation. Of the top 19, only Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle have over 250,000 inhabitants, while other large cities like London and Manchester lag behind. 

Overall, Northern Ireland is the most accessible country in the UK: 12.57% of holiday rentals here are wheelchair-accessible. One Northern Irish city, Derry, made the top 19.

For the complete ranking and detailed results, please visit the results page.

“We know that holidays can sometimes require more planning for travellers who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments,” said Director of Inbound Marketing, Michael Lee. “It’s surprising to see how much variation there is between different cities when it comes to accessible accommodation. We are happy to highlight the cities that are paving the way for inclusivity and hope this research will be helpful for readers seeking disability-friendly holidays!”

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