Mr Barker’s Bath

When Essential Bathing received a call from Mrs Barker they knew she had a distinctive problem but not one we couldn’t help with.  Her husband was a wheelchair user and not as light as he once was.  At 28st in weight, Mrs Barker couldn’t help, lift or move him on her own.

Mr Barker really wanted a bath to be able to soak away his aches and pains.  The problem was getting in and out, up and down as well as finding a bath deep enough to cover him in hot water. We offered him our Oakham 75 Special which is wider than most walk-in baths and can also accommodate a 35st person in a seated position.  The full width opening door meant that he could wheel up to the side and easily transfer across onto the seat using the grab bars. (The Oakham Special comes fitted with a spa jet massaging system which was great for soothing his aching joints etc.) Two months on and Mr Barker is enjoying the benefits of being able to have a relaxing hot bath and the independence it brings.

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