8 modern bathroom accessories you’ll love

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in every house, second only to the kitchen. But they can also be one of the most expensive to modernize.

Even if you haven’t got the budget to rip out your whole bathroom and start again, you can still modernize it with these 8 modern accessories.

#1 LED lighting

Nothing modernizes a bathroom like LED lighting. Strip lighting is the most common form and can give a real fun, funky feel to any bathroom. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, you can get LED tiles available in either single, or slowly alternating lights and colours.

IKEA have some good bathroom LED lighting.

#2 Heated seats

It’s the modern age, so there’s no reason your bath should be getting cold. Many baths these days have built-in systems that allow you to set and maintain your bath at a constant temperature – so no more burning your toes trying to top up the bath.

Premier Care in Bathing offer StayWarm systems in some baths.

#3 Bath caddy

While it might sound old fashioned, a bath caddy is truly a bathroom accessory that you’ll undoubtedly need. They’re great for keeping a book dry while you take a long soak in the bath, or for holding your handmade soaps and flannels. You can even get ones with special holders for champagne flutes.

You can’t go wrong with this John Lewis bath caddy, which has a book stand and a wine holder. Perfect.

#4 Body dryer

A body drying system might seem like the pinnacle of luxury, but they can be a real lifesaver for anyone who finds it difficult to dry themselves without assistance, or for anyone who has sensitive skin that may chafe with towel drying. The system works with gentle jets of air that blow dry you after taking a shower.

Valiryo offer the best body dryer we can find, and you can purchase it on Amazon.

#5 Eco shower heads

If you want to be modern, you should be looking to be eco-friendly too. Showers account for a large amount of many households’ weekly water usage, so installing an eco-shower head isn’t a bad idea. The Energy Saving Trust’s research suggests that an eco-shower head can save you money, as you reduce the amount you spend on energy and water bills.

Ecocamel offer a good range of modern eco-shower heads.

#6 Hydrovescent spas

Spa-baths were all the rage in the 80s, but modern technology and knowledge has added a new depth to this dated technology. If you have a disability that causes aches and pains, particularly in your joints – for example arthritis or rheumatism – then you can really benefit from a hydrovescent spa bath. Many of these systems have been designed to relieve chronic aches and pains through the use of a stream of tiny bubbles that gently massage the body.

Many bath companies offer hydrovescent spas in them, but make sure to ask if they’ll work for you, especially if you have arthritis or a rheumatism.

#7 Towel warmers

A long shower or bath can be a great thing, really giving us some peaceful time to ourselves. But then, like all good things, it must come to an end. So make that step out of the shower a little less painful with a nice warm towel. Other options for a warm towel can include heated cabinets or a freestanding towel drier that doubles as a radiator.

Homebase have some great heated towel rails.

#8 Motion sensors

Motion sensors can really be helpful when you have a disorder like rheumatism or arthritis, which can make it hard to operate taps or light switches. By adding a motion sensor, you remove any need for buttons or taps – making the whole bathroom a lot more accessible, and modern.

You can get motion sensor taps from autotaps.