Distributed in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, USA, and Canada, AddSeat is now bringing its innovative, gyro-based wheelchair & unique seating system to the UK and is on the lookout for dealers.

The AddSeat was developed in 2010 in Sweden by AddMovement AB. The product’s innovator Marit Sundin – a Paralympic Gold Medallist – was selected as Female Innovator of the Year in Sweden in 2014/15 and AddMovement was chosen by the EU as one of the Top 10 Sustainable Mobility Start-ups in 2018. Their mission is to provide easier access to all aspects of life so people can be an active part of society. Contact Millis Heilmklo ukdealers@addmovement.com alternatively, visit them at Naidex on Stand N13052. 

Also new is the improved variable height seat (60-75cm’s above ground level) that enables the user to take a fuller part in social situations or reach objects from high places. furthermore, it makes it possible to find the perfect angle for knees and lower back, contributing to a better posture.

AddSeat also has a much shorter braking distance compared to other gyro-based wheelchairs due to its spring dampening function.

The steering tiller comes in two versions (that can be switched very easily) 
to fit users with different driving techniques – and when you need to stop, the AddSeat’s parking position places four feet solidly on the ground, making it safe and easy to transfer on and off it. 

AddSeat can be ordered in your choice of colour.


CEO of AddMovement, Mike Redford, will be speaking about the benefits of improved mobility for the labour market shortage caused by the ageing population and Brexit at Naidex.

Visit AddSeat at Naidex stand: N13052