Wheelchair users can finally become more comfortable as they go about their day thanks to this remarkable new product. The NiCosy is a purpose designed cover to attach to a wheelchair to help provide the warmth needed to alleviate some distressing symptoms caused by cold.

Founder Jane received huge interest from the healthcare industry following the launch of her NiCosy, for very good reason. There are currently around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK.

Two-thirds of them are regular users (NHS.org) – and thanks to this amazing product, they no longer have to suffer from the cold, be uncomfortable or risk more pressure sores thanks to its unique design.

The stylish and problem-solving cover-up is fixed directly to the chair meaning wheelchair users simply need to get in and wrap up.

  • Warm polar fleece, super soft material
  • Adjustable straps to suit most wheelchairs
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • No seams which reduces the likelihood of pressure sores
  • Pockets for convenience
  • Snag free Velcro – strong but will not damage your clothes
  • A range of colour and design options

Once fitted, a NiCosy will not slip which is an annoyance for most people when using their wheelchair and you don’t need to worry about tricky straps or zips. This reduces the need for some wearers to rely on their carers when they need to cover up.

The product was designed to ensure the founder’s friend was as comfortable as possible once he had reached the later stages of his illness. Jane, who designed and hand made his first NiCosy, did so specifically for his needs. She launched the NiCosy range with the blessing of his family, who has originally asked Jane to create an item he could wear as they knew she did a lot of sewing and despite all efforts, had failed to find anything they thought was suitable.

So, why wasn’t anything already available?

“It seemed that the majority of the other garments on the market are for outside use…waterproof pods with zips. It was hard to find something that went totally around the body and didn’t have difficult fastenings. I wanted to build him a comfortable, dignified option that suited his specific needs…..being a wheelchair user and also needing a hoist… whilst also keeping his back, seat and the back of his legs…..the vulnerable areas warm and cosy.”

Not only is it easy to attach to a wheelchair but is also incredibly practical when attending medical appointments. With the NiCosy, all you need do is pull apart the velcro fastening and you are ready to go. Your feet remain free at all times which means it is very versatile, plus it will keep you warm without the need for an additional blanket which can get in the way and even get caught in the wheels. The NiCosy is for everyday indoor use, but on a nice day it will still keep you warm even at an exhibition or for a trip out in the car. In fact, it can be used in all sorts of situations.

Jane has had huge interest in her NiCosy and has received some fun requests….one is being created in Leicester City FCs colours!

They are available to buy online as standard in medium and large sizes, but many orders are bespoke, which means that each item is uniquely created with the user in mind. Jane wants to ensure every customer is 100% happy with their NiCosy. They are made in Britain with great care and the best materials , and bio-degradeable packaging is helping to keep the environment safe.

Find out more, or order yours at www.nicosy.co.uk | Have a question? Contact NiCosy direct at enquiries@nicosy.co.uk.