With increased use of smart home technology, your home’s security and life safety system can now support assistive technology. 

The IQ Panel smart home security system enables easy touchscreen and voice activated control of many different domestic devices for home protection, life safety, and convenience; helping people with various disabilities live independently in their homes.

For visually impaired people, IQ Panel’s 7” high-definition touchscreen has large icons and a simple swipe operation that’s easy to see and use. It functions as an alarm system and can be used to control lamps and appliances eliminating any need to struggle with small buttons or remote controls.

For people with a hearing impairment, IQ Panel flashes a lamp when the security system is activated or when someone rings the doorbell. Alerts can be sent to your smartphone if a window or door is left open, and devices can be used with appliances, safes, and drawers or cabinets to alert owners when they are in use. 

IQ Panel also connects with Amazon Echo devices enabling you to control your system with voice commands like: “Alexa, lock the front door” or “Alexa, turn on the lamp.”  Placing the IQ Panel within reach allows you to see a live feed of your indoor and outdoor video cameras or answer your video doorbell from the screen.  

When smart sensors are installed on a medicine cabinet or drawer, you can receive alerts if it is opened at the wrong time, or if medicine was not taken on time.  

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