Disabled drivers can still feel misunderstood when it comes to insuring their vehicle.

While the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and Equality Act, 2010 have improved matters, a lack of expertise and experience can still cause issues around price and quality of cover. But that’s not the case for Adrian Flux, a company born out of the struggles to insure people with disabilities.

Back in 1973 Adrian Flux, a disabled driver himself, founded the insurance broker after struggling to get a policy for his beloved kit car. Looking after the needs of disabled motorists has remained a priority ever since.

It’s underpinned the company’s ongoing desire to provide insurance for the individual by realising that all people are different and therefore that policies should be tailored accordingly. It’s the exact personal and caring approach that Adrian had and wanted the company to have.

Bespoke cover
If your vehicle has been adapted or modified to cater for your disability, or you’re a carer or know one who needs bespoke cover, experienced insurance experts at Adrian Flux can talk through your needs and find a suitable solution.

Adaptations that can be covered include: ramps, tail lifts, adapted controls, wheelchair storage solutions and many more.

Whatever your requirements, Adrian Flux knows the best way to feel understood is by having car insurance that is adapted for you.

Call Adrian Flux on: 0800 587 5288 today for a free, no obligation quote and more information about policy benefits which include new for old cover on adaptations.