Ability Today, the ground-breaking social enterprise dedicated to empowering disabled individuals, is thrilled to unveil a golden opportunity for disabled people of all ages from across the UK to embark on a journey into the world of media and journalism.

With an unparalleled commitment to inclusivity, Ability Today has already enabled over 80 disabled individuals to upskill and transition into successful media careers. 

Now, the doors are wide open for even more to join this extraordinary movement. Limited spots are available for the prestigious and highly sought-after Diploma in Journalism, offered in collaboration with the Academy for Disabled Journalists and accredited by the esteemed National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ). The introductory level Certificate in Foundation Journalism is also available through their academy.

Dismantling the barriers that have held back too many, these online learning courses have harnessed cutting-edge technology to make education accessible to all. 

Founder Grant Logan, himself a visionary who overcame adversity, established Ability Today in 2014, from his base in Surrey, to unlock the potential of disabled individuals of all ages. 

The resounding success stories of past students who now thrive at renowned media powerhouses like ITV, the BBC, and numerous other news organisations stand as testaments to the transformative power of Ability Today’s programmes. 

One such success story is ITV journalist Jamie Green aged 29 from Didcot, Oxfordshire whose journey exemplifies the impact of Ability Today’s support. “I couldn’t have done it without Ability Today,” said Green. “Their accessible approach to the NCTJ diploma made my transition into journalism a seamless experience.”

Grant Logan, 51 and who lives in Chobham, Surrey is the visionary founder of Ability Today. He is a survivor of a life-changing accident and embodies the organisation’s unwavering dedication. “Our mission is to spotlight what people with disabilities can do, rather than what they can’t,” said Logan. “We are lighting up new paths, bridging the gaps, and ensuring that the world of journalism becomes an open avenue for disabled individuals to shine.”

Many of the Academy students who have studied for the CFJ have gone on to undertake the Diploma Course including James Nelson in Edinburgh, Joanne Halliday from Annan, Dr Julie McElroy from Glasgow, Lisa Kavaney of Norfolk, Victoria Scholes from Sunbury on Thames, Ellie Forrester in Shropshire, Tom Jackson-Wood from Hertfordshire, and Kim To and Georgie Morell, both from London.

The rallying cry of Ability Today is to break down barriers that for far too long have stifled disabled individuals’ ambitions. By fostering accessibility, support, and reasonable adjustments, Ability Today is levelling the playing field, and creating a host of new opportunities. “We are forging pathways that empower disabled individuals to embrace meaningful careers, raising their self-belief, confidence, motivation, and integration into the workforce,” said Logan.

The social enterprise expanded its educational offering, launching an SEO course with Novos earlier this year and is also creating the Academy for Disabled Bookkeepers with Kaplan Financial Services and in talks with CX Training and website development companies for further courses as Ability Today continues to pave the way for countless disabled individuals to forge impactful careers.

If you’re ready to script your journey into the captivating realm of media and journalism, seize this moment. Interested applicants are invited to submit a 300-word story via the Ability Today website by September 15. 

For successful candidates, an induction awaits on September 26, followed by enlightening online lessons every Tuesday from October 3. Course highlights include modules on Essential Journalism, Media Law, Ethics, PR and Communications, Video Journalism, Digital Audience Engagement, and Public Affairs. Students can also opt for additional modules in shorthand, practical magazine journalism, and sports journalism.

To glean a deeper understanding of the Academy for Disabled Journalists, and to witness the inspiring journeys of former students, visit the Ability Today website.

About Ability Today

Grant Logan, Ability Today’s inspirational founder, has been nominated as one of the UK’s 100 most influential disabled individuals for the third consecutive year.

This not-for-profit social enterprise has propelled more than 80 students towards enriching careers, with placements at esteemed media outlets like the BBC, ITV, news publisher Newsquest, and more.

Recipient of the 2022 Excellence Award for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Journalism from NCTJ, Ability Today’s accolades mirror its unwavering dedication. 2023 has seen Ability Today as a finalist in the recent Tech4Good Awards and has also made the finals of the upcoming the National Diversity Awards. 

Ability Today partners with organisations such as Kaplan and Novos to deliver these empowering courses.