Image: Dresden © GNTB / Jens Wegener

As an accessible travel destination, Germany is leading the way.

Germany is a country that everyone can love and enjoy without having to worry about everyday obstacles. From enchanting old towns to lively cities and untouched natural wonders, to significant industrial heritage sites, Germany offers an incredible range of diverse attractions. This remarkable contrast makes Germany a truly fascinating country to explore.

Getting to and travelling within Germany
Flights to Germany from the UK typically take only one to two hours, and with so many budget airlines and airports to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options to select your next German city break destination. Additionally, many airports in Germany have an on-site railway station, making it very easy and convenient to reach the city centre or visit the great outdoors, as well as some of the smaller medieval towns and castles. Many regional trains are accessible and on other trains, a dedicated service team can pre-book assistance 24 hours in advance.  

How much?
The Deutschland-Ticket gives you unlimited access to all local and regional trains throughout Germany for only 49 Euros per month, and this includes local buses, trams and underground. So, a holiday in Germany is not only accessible but also great value for money.

Nature for everyone
Germany’s breathtaking natural beauty ranges from the tranquil shores of the north to the rugged peaks of the south. In between, you’ll discover enchanting river valleys, sprawling forests, and over a thousand shimmering lakes.  

Many of these stunning locations are accessible to wheelchair users and people with additional needs, so everyone can experience the magic of Germany’s great outdoors.  

Tourism for All database
Germany’s ‘Tourism for All’ scheme certifies and independently verifies all suitable accommodation facilities, tourist attractions, restaurants, and travel terminals, among many other things. This comprehensive and very useful database is available on the website of the German National Tourist Office or you can find it here.

Sensory Germany
Germany is a feast for the senses, and that’s especially true for visually impaired people. From city models and tactile maps, to models of historic buildings and local landmarks that can be handled, there’s no shortage of ways to explore Germany.  

Clever audio solutions
Germany is leading the way in creating a more accessible environment for visitors with hearing impairments. Thanks to the widespread use of audio induction loops, you can now enjoy crystal clear sound quality without any distracting background noises. Whether you’re exploring a museum, attending a concert, or navigating a travel centre, you’ll be able to communicate effortlessly and fully experience all that Germany has to offer.  

Taste of Germany

Germany, which was once a patchwork of kingdoms and principalities, now offers a huge variety of regional cuisine that significantly changes from one part of the country to another. Whether you prefer traditional German cooking or fine dining, visitors with dietary restrictions will not face any difficulties when dining out. Most individuals employed in the catering industry have received specialised training and menus openly disclose ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

Explore with ease
If you are ready to explore Germany but are not sure where to start, the German National Tourist Office at: and the Easier Travel Consortium at: are great resources to help you plan your next unforgettable trip. They offer plenty of inspiration that will kickstart your wanderlust and pave the way for an incredible adventure in Germany.

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