Bornanxious supply label free sensory clothing for children and adults with sensory needs such as Autism,SPD sensory processing disorders, all clothing, T-shirts and bags are 100% organic and all come printed with subtle reminders, to be kind to others because we are not all the same.
Kellie Barker creator of Bornanxious and Anna Kennedy OBE ,founder of UK Autism Charity Annakennedyonline and #Giveusabreak campaign.

This campaign has been organised by the charity and run during AntiBullying week for the last number of years by the charity Anna Kennedy online, it has grown in success and support for its following.Bullying effects thousands and thousands of adults and children every year. 

Children like Sophia.
Sophia Owens is 11 years old and from Rushde, Northamptonshire, she has been singing and dancing from a young age. She has performed at her majesty’s theatre. And Sadler’s wells and has also competed in National finals at the Winter gardens in Blackpool.
Sophia has two elder brothers, both diagnosed on the spectrum and attends a special school,Sophia also performed a live stage dance at Autisms got talent and won a scholarship through the charity at Pineapple Performing Arts.

The charity Give Us A Break! campaign and founder Anna Kennedy OBE call on all schools, colleges, work places and social events to join the #GUAB campaign and help to make a real change to the lives of all  people effected, including people with Autism and other neurological and physical disabilities, by helping people to have the courage to speak up and understand that it is NOT ok to bully in any form.

Anna Kennedy online is dedicated to providing Autism awareness, acceptance, training and understanding to both schools , colleges and within the community to help create a better environment so that all our children can thrive.Anti bullying week is Monday 11th November -Friday 15th.‬‪@bornanxious‬
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