Check into Primrose Farm Cottages as guests, but leave as friends. You will find it just happens at this relaxed, welcoming and accessible working sheep farm. 

You can settle down into the quiet privacy and comfort of your cottage and enjoy stunning views across the Otter Valley from your spacious deck, or perhaps spend an afternoon fishing before having a delicious home-cooked meal delivered to your cottage. Or, you can get more into the rhythm of the farm – Jessica will be only too glad to introduce you to some of the animals who potter about, doing all the things free range happy animals should do. From the chickens who will provide you with yummy eggs, to Jessica’s flock of Southdown sheep who provide the wool for all the luxury duvets and bedding that you will find in your cottage – guaranteed to give you a seriously good night’s sleep. How you want to participate is up to you.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to venture further afield during the day and explore the famous Devon countryside; the Jurassic coastline, and the villages and pubs along the way. In fact, you can do a bit of all of it, as the mood takes you with the convenience of easy accessibility, comfort and most of all: a warm welcome.