When it comes to seating arrangements in a mobility vehicle, the Citroen Space Tourer has a bundle of modifications that make it the perfect solution to safety and security concerns for Motability car passengers.

The disabled passenger’s entry into the vehicle is via a rear ramp. Security concerns aren’t an issue as reliable Q-Straints keep the wheelchair stable and in place. The wheelchair ramp can also be reversed, creating a bigger boot space.

A side door provides access for passengers that are sitting in the first row of rear seats. These seats can be moved back to increase leg space, demonstrating how the Citroen Space Tourer has a dynamic approach to passenger comfort. An added bonus is that the first row of rear seats recline, also providing extra space and convenience.

The Space Tourer sits a maximum of seven people without a wheelchair passenger and a maximum of five people with the wheelchair passenger travelling. This demonstrates that this mobility vehicle is occupied with its passengers and their comfort.

This is the ideal disability car for wheelchair passengers who want guaranteed stability and security. Passengers travelling in the rear seats are also promised a relaxing experience thanks to seat modifications, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their travelling experience.