Elin started her blog in 2015 to share her love of writing and her all her passions, including music, beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and educate others on how she enjoys them as a visually impaired person. Her blog shares her perspectives and raises awareness of wider accessibility and disability issues. It also works to motivate and help others with visual impairments. She explains: “Sight loss deprives me from being able to see the world like everyone else but it doesn’t deprive me of my skills, my passions or my abilities.”

At three years old Elin started losing her sight, and aged six she was diagnosed with degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa. By age twelve she was registered blind/severely sight impaired, though she has some remaining vision.

One of the most difficult things which came with the disability was isolation, and Elin’s blog works as a great tool to help other young visually impaired people find support, useful resources, and even friends. The tone of the blog is positive, enthusiastic and can-do, while not glossing over the difficulties that come with navigating a world which was not designed for people who are blind or visually impaired.

After finishing her A-Levels Elin worked for a year at RNIB, the Royal National Institute of Blind People. This year she enrolled at the Open University, where she’s studying for a BA (Hons) degree, with a specialism in creative writing.

Though the blog began with a focus on accessible beauty it has expanded to a much wider range of topics, and through the blog and her social media channels Elin has connected with thousands of other young people. She’s written guest posts for a variety of other blogs and charities, and been involved in RNIB campaigns. Her work has appeared on a number of influential blogger lists, including winning two awards at the Teen Blogger Awards 2018.

Find out more about Elin here: https://myblurredworld.com/