The annual Ladies Of All Nations Beautiful Survivors event was successfully held in London. The event took place on Saturday, June 1st 2019. Many survivors were recognised and honoured for their bravery and resilience.

It was an unforgettable night held in North West London as people came out in full force for the LOANI Beautiful Survivors event.  The place was buzzing with elegance and high emotion as outstanding survivors were acknowledged and honoured for their distinguished resilience in the face of adversity.

In essence Beautiful Survivors is an initiative that was created to celebrate and honour both men and women who have survived different and extremely difficult circumstances brought about by life.  The aim being to celebrate phenomenal resilience, inspiration ,courage, determination, strength, power and hardworking individuals  who have managed to overcome difficulties or changes in life and have expressed their ability to survive.

We celebrate both men & women who have been through extraordinary circumstances and the various forms of tests and hurdles they have been through.

LOANI has devised a programme of celebrating and honouring beautiful survivors as heroines, empowering them to move out of the position of victim.

We celebrate those who have overcome a lot of hurdles which they have faced or been challenged by in life and their ability to survive. Now, this is not limited to but includes terminal illnesses, physical disabilities, domestic violence and armed conflict.

Each one of them has gone through trials, reinvention and triumphs.

It was an extraordinary night when these phenomenal individuals were recognised and celebrated. Society is currently preoccupied with global issues to realise that we have greatness amongst ourselves, we have people who have defied the odds, we have fantastic people who have demonstrated outstanding human strength and will power. It was great to celebrate and honour these people at such an emotionally charged and highly inspirational event.

This event is the brainchild of the LOANI CEO supported by UPF & Able Magazine. 

Plans are to hold future events in the House Of Parliament with the help of MPs and launching a Beautiful Survivors Book as part of our awareness movement. We are also creating The Global Experts Book featuring 100 Experts Voices to Inspire & Empower.

The Global Expertise Book will serve the purpose of being a manual handbook for the public so that we and various experts in different fields become easily accessible.

The Global Expertise Book will hopefully bring together experts from different fields around the world at all level of corporate, community leaders, doctors and Civic leaders as well as providing a wide variety of resources that will help the community.

This event is earmarked to grow bigger and bigger as it is so inspirational. This was a very special and unique event where we honoured and celebrated those who have survived against all odds against many hardships in life.

This is one unmissable event in the future, full of beautiful souls, live entertainment, tears, disbelief, shock, happiness and joy. It is indeed an emotional roller coaster and an eye-opener to realise how strong a human being can be when faced with tough situations.

We look forward to seeing you next year in support of such a noble idea

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