Chelsey Jay Reynolds – sometimes simply referred to as Chelsey Jay – is a 23 year old disabled model from Witham, Essex. Her journey as a disabled model began after she was suddenly struck down by a rare neurological condition called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) at the age of 20.

The effects of this condition mean that every time Chelsey stands up, her heart rate speeds up, causing her to pass out. As a matter of fact, her PoTS is so severe that she has had to learn to walk on her knees around the house, and even carries a small stool with her wherever she goes.

Before she was struck down with this rare condition, Chelsey lived an active lifestyle, working as a trainee nurse on the stroke ward at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford. Alongside training to be a nurse, Chelsey attended the gym regularly and had also begun to pursue a career in modelling.

Despite being struck down by PoTS and having her lifestyle drastically changed, Chelsey has gone on to progress in her fledgling career as a model through becoming part of an organisation called Models of Diversity, where she also acts as an ambassador for fellow disabled models.

Chelsey’s ambition is set on changing the fashion industry for good, and she believes that with dedication, good values and the lessons that her life has taught her, she will be able to inspire a world that excludes disabled people, into embracing them.

On her quest towards raising awareness, Chelsey released a YouTube video entitled ‘Embrace Don’t Exclude’, which has since gone viral, having received over 70,000 hits.

Chelsey also has her own website which features a blog chronicling her weekly activities. Her website also features a portfolio of her modelling work, as well as a page on

PoTS, allowing people the chance to learn more about the condition.

Chelsey lives life by her own personal mantra “not everyone makes a stand, standing” – and judging by her relentless stand against a condition which has severely limited her life, she makes an excellent point.

Chelsey has not only injected positivity into her lifestyle by becoming a disabled model, but she has also successfully raised awareness of PoTS, appearing in the Daily Mail last year.

She is nominated for the Positive Role Model Disability award at the upcoming National Diversity Awards.

CREDIT – Photography: Emma Shamaya, MUA: Katie Johnson