Triride is the pioneer in the power add-on sector and has quickly become known for offering some of the toughest and most capable kit available.

Triride is a simple device offering a third wheel to attach to most manual wheelchairs. Simple to use, quick and easy to attach to your wheelchair enabling barrier free access to places which were before unreachable. Cobblestones, gravel, grass and even snow are now accessible. With many models available, there is a Triride to suit every need.
At Triride we take pride in our proprietary technology and always continue to push to develop new technologies to make the driving experience better and safer for the user. Recently we have introduced new technology focusing on user safety and now offer an exclusive drive technology called Motion Direct Control. MDC enables a safer drive of the device with a single input. Press the throttle to drive and release to apply the brake, it’s as simple as that.
As with everything, at Triride we believe in choice so the user has the ability to configure their Triride in a style, colour and function level that suits their requirements.
If you haven’t had a test drive yet, get in touch with us at: or one of our distributors, such as Motus Medical and you can arrange a demonstration with one of our expert dealers.