School is such an important part of growing up and the disadvantages of any disability can become obvious in the classroom setting. This writing slope is an example of how, with just small adjustments, disabled children can progress.

In one case, known to Able Magazine an OT had suggested that a sloping board would help to ‘anchor’ a little boy so that his lack of balance caused by his condition (hypermobility) would be mitigated, enabling him to direct his efforts towards better penmanship.

The board is a sturdy wooden laminate construction finished with smooth lacquer that simply slots together for use – and apart again for almost flat storage. Small rubber feet stop it from sliding under pressure and because they are properly integrated into the form have no chance of snapping off. (Although the board is quite large, books and pencils etc can be stored underneath just as if it were an old-style school desk – meaning that children don’t need to be isolated – or placed at separate desks.)


Price: £42.95 excl VAT

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