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Sarah Chapman

National Diversity Awards Nominee: Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman is a dedicated wife and mother of two, as well as an Education Studies student at the University of Derby and a volunteer for the Dyslexia Association. Her dramatic turnaround from written off tearaway to successful family woman and dyslexia advocate has garnered much media interest, and has led to her being shortlisted for the Positive Role Model for Disability award at the National Diversity Awards 2014.

After leaving school in 2000 with no qualifications and undiagnosed dyslexia, Sarah had low self esteem and no confidence. Her lack of concentration and disruptive behaviour often led to both her teachers and parents alike stating that she would never amount to anything.

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Olley edwards 2

National Diversity Awards Nominee: Olley Edwards

In addition to being a full time single mother of three daughters, Olley Edwards is a part-time model, actress, film-maker, author, and is also the co-founder of Autism Women Matter. Her road towards being shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards 2014 began in 2012 when she started raising awareness in how autism can look different in females.

Olley’s desire to raise awareness not only came as a result of having two daughters with autism, but also because she was convinced that she suffered from the condition herself (despite being told by a doctor that she could not be autistic, as “autistic people cannot act” – lo and behold, despite the lack of support and unanswered questions, Olley has since been officially diagnosed with autism).

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