“With over fifteen years’ experience developing innovative vehicle conversions we have applied all of our knowledge and experience to our latest design. We have listened to our customers feedback and identified several issues they face, which we have listed here. Our aim with the Sirus Ford Drive / Upfront conversion was to solve as many of these problems as possible. Unfortunately, when vehicles are modified to this degree, there will always be something that isn’t 100% perfect, but we have done our very best to make this product the most superior conversion on the market and is the answer to many people’s mobility problems”. Simon Pearson, Managing Director.

I cannot park on the street in a rear entry vehicle

The Sirus Ford is designed with side entry, which allows you to access the vehicle easily from the curb or a from a disabled parking space.

With a side-entry vehicle, many ramps are very long which makes parking difficult, even in a disabled parking space

We have designed the vehicle with lowering suspension which means the automated ramp is just 70cm long, giving you loads of space to enter and exit.

I find steep ramp angles very hard to enter and exit

This conversion is specifically designed with a short and shallow ramp which has an angle below 11 degrees (with lowering suspension) and 13 degrees (without lowering suspension for assisted access).

I drive from my wheelchair, but often need to travel as a passenger, but I don’t like travelling in the back

With this conversion you can choose to drive or travel up front and switch places between the driver and passenger position at any time. The front seat can easily be detached and moved to the opposite position on transfer wheels and secured safely.

I like to exit the vehicle facing forwards and in some WAV’s you have to reverse in your wheelchair

With the Sirus Ford conversion (and depending on your wheelchair) you can turn inside the vehicle and exit either forwards or backwards, whatever suits you.

I’m very tall, and some conversions do not lower the floor throughout the vehicle, so ‘entry height’ is irrelevant if I can’t see out of the windscreen.

The Sirus Ford has a fully lowered floor to ensure the maximum amount of interior headroom. The maximum eyeline for drivers in the Ford is 135cm / 53.5” and we are always very honest about these measurements.

I have very long legs and have found it difficult to sit comfortably in the driver’s position, as the floor to steering wheel height isn’t deep enough.

The floor to steering wheel height in the Sirus Ford is 71cm / 28” giving the maximum amount of space for this type of vehicle.

My chair is very heavy and I carry lots of equipment, so I worry about the vehicle being low and catching on speed bumps.

The Sirus Ford is designed with an option for lowering air suspension, so the vehicle has a pre-set ground clearance and will always maintain a constant ride height, regardless of the number of people or equipment carried in the vehicle. The 4-corner suspension lowers the vehicle when you enter and exit and when you are ready to drive away the suspension will automatically rise to standard ride height.

Many converted vehicles are very noisy and have little sound insulation

The Ford conversion includes quality sound insulation to ensure low noise levels, offering an unrivalled car-like experience for this type of conversion.

The interior of some conversions looks very shoddy, and doesn’t match the original vehicle

This conversion has been designed to the highest standard, the quality workmanship ensures a from-factory finish.

I travel as a passenger so don’t want the cost of an automatic ramp and sliding door

For upfront passengers you can choose standard suspension with a manual side sliding door and manual ramp which is just 1.1m long – a more economical option.

In wet weather my wheels spin and slip on the vehicle floor

The ramp is purposely designed with an anti-slip coating, improving wheel traction in wet weather. The interior floor of the vehicle is also designed with an anti-slip material.

Many WAV conversions remove the rear seats. I need two rear seats for my children

The Sirus Ford has retained two original manufacturer rear seats, which can also be folded down to give you additional space for equipment. A fold away step can also be fitted in the rear for additional leg comfort.

I need boot space for shopping and equipment. This is often removed in rear entry vehicles.

The Sirus Ford retained the original boot space which has not been modified during the conversion. For ease of use or if travelling independently we can fit an optional automated tailgate.

In the dark its often hard to manoeuvre into the upfront position

One of the unique features on the Sirus Ford is the LED lighting fitted on the floor. This and can be dimmed or brightened to suit, giving you optimum visibility when manoeuvring inside the vehicle.

In my previous WAV, the fuel gauge was never accurate, and the tank was smaller than usual

Unlike many other converted vehicles, our design includes a standard size fuel tank and accurate fuel gauge, perfect for longer journeys.

I have a caravan which I need to tow, which you can’t do with most WAV’s

Due to the side access design the Sirus Ford can accommodate a tow bar for a trailer or caravan.

I have limited movement in my left hand so find it hard to move the gear selector

As an option, Sirus can fit a Push Button Gear Selector enabling you to change gear at the push of a button.

My previous WAV felt like a van as opposed to a car

The state-of-the-art, turbo-charged Ford EcoBlue diesel engines deliver measurably improved efficiency, performance and refinement. Available as 100 PS and 120 PS versions, they are also more responsive and also quieter than ever before.

My previous WAV was very basic, with few optional extras and features

The Ford is fitted with a whole range of features and options, including Pre Collision Assist which detects vehicles and pedestrians in the road ahead. The system warns you if it detects a potential collision and if you don’t respond it will automatically apply the brakes.