Keeping you safe when you cook.

Over 50% of domestic fires are cooking related but with Airis, the most advanced cooking sensor technology, we can all be protected.

The multi-sensors in Airis monitor temperature, smoke, steam and human presence and it will automatically cut the power to the cooker if a risk is detected.

  • Detects burning food
  • Detects pan boiling dry
  • Reduces toxic smoke
  • Prevents false alarms
  • Easy installation – no surface wiring
  • No maintenance
  • Telecare compatible

Prevention is always the best option. Airis combines analysis of the power being used by the cooker with data from the sensor to determine when action needs to be taken to prevent a fire, and to automatically turn off the power to the hob when a pan boils dry or food starts to burn.

Airis greatly reduces the level of smoke with this earlier intervention method; especially important if a resident is asleep in the same area as the kitchen, as in a studio apartment. A frying pan can heat to a temperature well above the smoke and flashpoints of oil without ignition (a suppression based system cannot provide this protection). The wireless Airis sensor can be fitted to the cooker hood, the wall behind the hob or the ceiling without any wiring. The power control unit (PCU) can be mounted in any orientation and fitted wherever it best integrates with the kitchen layout and it doesn’t have any switches or controls that could be tampered with.

The Airis has other useful capabilities. The PCU monitors up to four leak sensors – positioned, for instance, under dishwashers, sinks or washing machines, sounding an alarm in the event of a water leak being detected.

The system can be configured to alert telecare or BMS. Not only will it ‘act’ in an emergency situation but it can also, for example, signal that no cooking has taken place within a given time period.

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