Brotherwood have further enhanced their outstanding range of wheelchair accessible vehicles with the launch of their most luxurious WAV yet: The new Brotherwood Klastar Long, an exclusive low-floor conversion of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

The ‘Klastar’ has been comprehensively adapted with the needs of the wheelchair user in mind. A custom-made flat level lowered floor is installed, creating a spacious and comfortable travelling position. The lowered floor also creates exceptional visibility for the wheelchair user, with an ample 57 inches of internal headroom; enough for taller wheelchair users to enjoy.


Lowering the floor of the V-Class also offers a more comfortable ride for the wheelchair user – as their centre of gravity is lowered, the sensation of ‘body roll’ is reduced. The wheelchair user can travel centrally within the vehicle, next to two other second-row passengers on full-size seats, and close enough to the front seats for a truly inclusive travelling experience. This central, inclusive wheelchair location is a key part of the Brotherwood ethos – ensuring the wheelchair user is not isolated or uncomfortable in the boot of the vehicle.

Wheelchair access is made easy by the powered rear ramp, which is operated by remote control, and features a shallow approach angle and high-traction surface for easy loading of powered and manual wheelchairs alike. The Brotherwood PAWRS (Power Assisted Wheelchair Restraint System) features an inbuilt winch function to alleviate the effort of pushing a heavy wheelchair, effortlessly loading wheelchairs up to 250kg at the press of a button. Brotherwood have been designing and engineering unique WAV conversions since 1985. During that time we have created many exceptional vehicles, with our latest flagship, the Mercedes-Benz V-Class ‘Klastar’, perhaps our best yet.

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