DM Orthotics have successfully provided a range of Dynamic Movement Orthoses to both children and adults for over 10 years, with their orthoses helping to manage the physical effects of a variety of neuromuscular conditions, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Strategically placed panelling on their orthoses combined with bio-mechanical reinforcements correctly aligns the body and stimulates sensory systems throughout the body. All of their orthoses use elastomeric fabric with the single goal to improve function and encourage independence for the user.

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Alex is a young boy who loves to run and play football with his friends. Not so long ago though, he couldn’t keep his balance.

Alex has classic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) which means his body’s connective tissue and collagen becomes fragile and stretchy. The condition was causing him an immense amount of pain in his lower body and he would often fall as a result. Now, after being fitted with dynamic movement orthoses (DMO) leggings, supplied by DM Orthotics, he is much more in control and active.

“His teachers have commented on how ‘steady’ he is and are no longer afraid of him stepping on others or losing his balance,” said his mum, Jacqui, also a qualified physiotherapist. “Alex hasn’t fallen in the last 12 months, so he hasn’t needed his usual trip to Accident and Emergency to be glued! As well as running and playing football, he has the confidence to tackle climbing frames, hop and jump around – whereas before, he was fearful in case he injured himself or the activity hurt.

When he isn’t wearing his DMO, he no longer hyper extends his knees, rotates his legs or sticks his bottom out to maintain his posture – instead he stands in a beautiful midline symmetrical position.”


DM Orthotics has been designing, manufacturing and distributing made-to-measure dynamic movement orthoses
for children and adults (DMOs) since 2005. Hannah Ensor, who founded Stickman Communications as a way of helping people worldwide better understand disability, is one of the many people with EDS to benefit and says: “I have EDS and POTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome). I discovered DM Orthotics three years ago and can honestly say their products have completely changed my life.

When I first tried my DMO it was like coming home and I felt so alive! My DM Orthotics clinician prescribed me DMO leggings, t-shirt, socks and full-length gloves and the enhanced proprioception meant I was aware of my whole body. The improvement in sensation was instantaneous and almost unbelievable. With my full DMO outfit, I can walk a few metres and talk at the same time – trust me, that’s totally awesome!

I’m stronger, fitter and can cope better with being out of the house for several hours at a time. Whilst I’m still reliant on my wheelchair, I no longer have to plan my life around a medication cycle and I can socialise and work to my own schedule. My DMOs have given me back control.”

Alex’s mum Jacqui, a physiotherapist, agrees. “I’ve recommended them both personally and professionally to people with hip and lower back pain and those with dyspraxia and coordination issues. One gentleman I see professionally was falling seven to eight times a week. Having been fitted with his DMO, his falls have reduced to two to three in six months.

Another girl I know with vascular EDS and constant shoulder, wrist and finger dislocation, wears a long DMO vest that includes a shoulder wrap and gloves. She’s had no episodes since.”

“It’s a real privilege to be able to help people like Alex and Hannah,” said UK Clinical Manager, Patricia McCotter. “As they have described, DMOs really do change lives.”

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