Evenbreak is an award-winning social enterprise run by and for disabled people. Our aims are for:

  • Inclusive employers to attract and retain more talented disabled people
  • Disabled jobseekers to find work with employers who will value their skills
  • Employers to understand the business benefits of employing disabled people, and
  • Employers to become more confident and competent about inclusion and accessibility

Disabled jobseekers can find jobs with inclusive employers on our specialist job board. Employers paying to advertise on a job board specifically aimed at disabled candidates means those candidates feel confident to apply. We work with inclusive employers such as Channel 4, John Lewis, Lloyds Banking Group and many others, all looking to attract disabled candidates.

Employers wishing to increase the competence and confidence of all of their employees around inclusion and accessibility can subscribe to our Best Practice Portal, creating a more effective and inclusive organisational culture.

In terms of why we are keen to join the ‘Be the Difference’ Campaign:

Evenbreak is delighted to be part of the ‘Be The Difference’ campaign, as our mission is to make the world of work as accessible and inclusive to disabled people as it is to non-disabled people. Whilst this is ambitious, we believe that if we all work together it is more than achievable. We need to change the conversation about disabled people so that instead of being considered objects of pity, we are seen as an essential pool of talent for employers to access. Working in collaboration with other like-minded organisations can make a huge impact on the disability employment gap.

Website: http://evenbreak.co.uk/
Email: info@evenbreak.co.uk
Contact Number: 0845 658 5717