We are Exceptional Individuals. The first employment partnership for dyslexic people.

We believe our economy is missing out on a valuable asset.

Current employment practices exclude many dyslexic people despite their proven ability.

Entry to the job market can be a daunting task for applicants with dyslexia, we help them overcome key barriers, and work with business to create more inclusive workplaces.

For those looking for work we provide the following services:

  • Send us your CV
  • Come in for a one to one
  • Attend online workshops – At Exceptional Individuals we’re aiming to change employers’ perceptions of dyslexics and get some highly intelligent and qualified individuals into jobs they enjoy!
  • Come to our workshops

It’s our mission at Exceptional Individuals to change the mind set of employers by informing them of the many advantages hiring a Dyslexic person can bring.

For employers we provide the following services:

  • Recruitment – We work with schools, colleges, universities, youth centres, dyslexia charities, and organisations to find the best dyslexic talent.
  • Jobs Board – Sign up to Incluzy, the inclusive job boards. Find hidden talent and broaden the number of candidates available to choose from.
  • Work Place Needs Assessments – Having a workplace needs assessment can provide your dyslexic employees with the equipment and support to excel above and beyond expectations
  • Consultancy and training – Our unique training programmes will give you all the right tools to give your dyslexic employees the opportunities to flourish in the work place.

From dyslexic graduates to managerial roles we will do everything we can to find the right person for your team.

Website: https://www.exceptionalindividuals.com/
Email: Admin@excep.co.uk
Contact Number: 0208 133 6046