The Aquarius Porta-Bidet is an innovative battery operated (rechargeable), portable and travel friendly bidet allows the user luxury and comfort of a regulated spray wash wherever they may be.

Its light compact slim stylish design focuses on ease of use whilst its powerful pulsing wash nozzle improves bathroom personal hygiene, well being and dignity.


Unlike plumbed bidets the Aquarius needs no tradesmen to plumb or wire before use, and also allows you to add emollients or approved medication to the reservoir of water which is a huge step forward in bathroom care. It will fit virtually any toilet, be it at home, hotel, caravan, cruise ship or when visiting friends. Pack it into your suitcase for holidays or weekends away.



Pre order your Aquarius Porta-Bidet (due 1st March) today for only £50 and claim your FREE carry case.

You will also be entered into a prize draw where the winner will receive an Aquarius Bidet for the initial deposit price of £50.

Check out the Aquarius in action below:

The Aquarius Porta-Bidet website is currently under construction and we’ll post a link when it goes live.