The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a specialist armed police service dedicated to protecting the civil nuclear industry. It currently protects 10 civil nuclear sites across England, Scotland and Wales and safeguards nuclear material in transit, playing an important role in national security. Whilst on the face of it, they may not sound like they’d have a role for you, there’s more to the CNC than patrols and firearms; they pride themselves on being an equal opportunities employer.


The civil nuclear industry includes nuclear research and provides nuclear energy to millions of people. To protect such an important commodity, as well as the public, takes the work of a police service like no other, with specialist officers, from dog handlers and fi rearms trainers to specialist escorts. Nevertheless, behind the work of frontline officers and the like, there’s an organisation that works tirelessly in the background, making sure that they have everything they need to do this vital job efficiently and effectively.



As an accredited Investors in People organisation, CNC continually invest in learning and development to make sure their people remain the best at what they do and are prepared for future roles. The threat to the UK and sensitive sites, such as nuclear installations and material in transit is not static but constantly changes and develops, requiring vigilance and ultimately, staying ahead of those that would seek to do harm to our country. The process of developing employees therefore starts as soon as you join, with a carefully designed induction and continues, driven not only by the CNC’s pursuit of and provision for lifelong learning, but also by how you want your career to develop.


The ongoing ambition of the CNC is: “To be recognised as the leading UK authority on the armed protection of civil nuclear facilities and material in transit.” To meet this ongoing standard requires that the CNC provide trainer, coach or mentor supported, self-managed learning and continuous professional development. As such, the CNC has implemented a number of ways by which they can identify, record, develop, improve and reward the talents and ambitions of employees.


As an equal opportunities employer the CNC recognises the value that disabled people can bring to such a varied workplace. The CNC are looking for people to bring energy and enthusiasm to a role, such as IT Service Support Administrator, Sarah, who says about working with the CNC: “My current role is varied and no two days are the same. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job the most – having the satisfaction of resolving issues.”


Police staff operate, develop and manage all of the support teams, from ensuring that the Constabulary runs smoothly and that they have effective IT systems in place, to managing finances and recruiting and developing people. All of these individuals pull together to provide the vital support that enables operational units to fulfil their duties. More: