A unique and thoughtful film exploring the personal experiences of women amputees and prosthetics is due to receive its premiere public screening at the Wellcome Collection’s Henry Wellcome Auditorium, London, on June 5th.

THE FITTING ROOM film project was created by Pegleg Productions in collaboration with the Fitting Room Friends, a group of women amputees from the Prosthetics Rehabilitation Centre at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.

Funded by a Big Lottery Awards For All £10,000 grant and directed by Nicola Lane, a member of the Fitting Room Friends, the film sees women amputees share their personal experience of prosthetics and has been supported by the Centre’s staff and clinicians.

To accompany The Fitting Room screening, Fitting Room Friends Jane Evans and Sandra Staffiero have written the following piece:

“One meets the most inspirational women in the Ladies Fitting Room, here in the Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit at Stanmore’s Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. The Fitting Room is not a hospital clinic: it is a highly exclusive club. A club that one would not choose to join but if due to unforeseen circumstances you do become a member you are one for life.

“Fitting Room Friends’ began as a closed, invitation-only Facebook group because we needed a way to keep in contact with the inspirational women that we meet in the Ladies Fitting Room.

We have a collective bond, an inner understanding where words are not necessary. Through the project we can share experiences, genuine understanding and give collective support.

“The group is steadily growing and through making this film we have been able to express how amputation has changed all parts of our lives. As amputees we all have challenges that non-amputees will never truly be able to comprehend. But the fitting room is not full of doom and gloom, it is full of women who against all odds will fight the challenges before them and in unity inspire each other. The fitting room is full of strength, laughter and hope.

“Through our support, inspiration and encouragement for each other we have become stronger and have formed bonds that will never be broken. We are all equal whatever our backgrounds or circumstances and we are here for each other.

“We have enjoyed making this film and we all hope that it will give you a brief insight into our exclusive and challenging world.”

The Fitting Room’s premiere public screening event has been made possible through the generous support of The Liebreich Foundation and The Douglas Bader Foundation.