Naidex is Europe’s largest exhibition event focusing on independent living.

The following feature give just a taste of the sorts of companies and organisations that’ll be showcasing their latest products and services at the event. Pick up your free copy and meet the Able Magazine team at stand: N8101


Breakthrough assistive technology empowering blind and visually impaired people.

The next generation artificial vision device from OrCam Technologies, the OrCam MyEye 2, will be on show at Naidex 2019, Europe’s largest disability event. OrCam will offer free demonstrations of the OrCam MyEye 2 throughout Naidex. Existing OrCam users will also be on the stand to discuss how the OrCam device empowers people with visual impairments.

OrCam MyEye 2 is a wearable artificial vision device designed to give people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties more independence and improved quality of life. It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to analyse visual information and instantly communicate it to the user via audio. The compact and lightweight OrCam MyEye 2 is completely wireless and attaches magnetically to any pair of glasses.

The wearable device instantly reads any printed or digital text off of any surface, including: newspapers, books, menus, street signs, and computer/smartphone screens. OrCam MyEye 2 also instantly identifi es and communicates faces and products, as well as 50,000 UK products via their barcode. Built-in LED lighting illuminates text, faces and products in low-light environments. All operations are processed securely offl ine and in real-time, without requiring a WiFi connection.

Call OrCam to book, or simply drop by for your free OrCam demonstration at Naidex.

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Inclusive fashion

Unlike other fashion brands, who pride themselves on being ‘exclusive’, Kintsugi Clothing wants the future of fashion to be the exact opposite.

Inclusive clothing label, Kintsugi launched its debut collection last month after a year of development. The brand, which uses suggestions from across the disabled community to ensure their garments are accessible as well as on-trend, aims to challenge how the fashion industry approaches the design process, making accessibility the starting point rather than an afterthought.

Kintsugi’s founder, Emma McClelland, started the brand after seeing a TED Talk by a prominent disability rights activist, who spoke about the need for designers to start thinking about disabled people as consumers and asking them how fashion could work better for them.

The brand’s debut collection of womenswear features statement pieces made with high-quality fabrics and a focus on the finer details. Its aim is to create clothing that everybody can wear, regardless of age, size or disability.

Fastenings are made easier and less fiddly, consideration is given to how clothes will work in a seated position, and functionality is added to make each garment work harder for its wearer. Kintsugi’s jeans, for example, have two gold ring-pull zips running part way down each side seam, making them easier to get into and useful for women who self-catheterise or need access to ostomy bags. The ring-pull on the zip assists people with dexterity issues while the pockets, located lower down the leg, make dressing easier for wheelchair users.

None of the brand’s clothes, which currently come in size 8-20, have internal labels. A heat transfer is used for the brand name and size, while wash-care labels take the form of stickers, attached to the packaging. It goes to show that, with a few tweaks, any fashion label can be more inclusive.

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Able Move

Wheelchair air travel made easier and safer

Most wheelchair users will tell you, one of the most challenging parts of taking a flight is transferring into one of the aeroplane’s cabin seats. Able Move is a product aiming to change that.

Currently, 15 out of 36 main commercial airports in the UK are equipped with an appropriate piece of transferring equipment. Of course, this is commendable but what happens if the airport you fly to doesn’t? Able Move is a personal in-situ transfer seat that travels along with you and can be used with or without a hoist, giving peace of mind for air travellers with reduced mobility looking for a comfortable, quick, dignified and safe transfer back into their wheelchair.

Able Move couldn’t be easier to use. You simply place it into your wheelchair on the day you travel. You are lifted while in the transfer seat, meaning you don’t need to shuffle around with any other slings at either airport. You remain seated in it throughout your flight and are lifted with it, back to your own wheelchair at your destination.

Sitting on the Able Move during your flight is more comfortable and supportive than sitting on an airline seat or aisle chair, with the pressure alleviating cushion helping the lower back and bottom. Furthermore, Able Move provides greater options to keep you safe during emergencies than current aircraft protocols, it can be used for instant evacuation where necessary.

Travelling with Able Move removes the stress and anxiety throughout your entire air journey, ensuring your safety, dignity and comfort comes first, whilst providing additional benefits to special assistance and the airlines. Able Move is set to be a game-changing product.

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Able Magazine

Visit us at Naidex…

Able Magazine has once again been selected as media partner at Naidex, where we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary. The Birmingham event gives us a great opportunity to meet with our readers and commercial partners in person to discuss their views on the sorts of features they’d like to see in future editions.

We’re also thrilled to be asked to help judge the Naidex Awards. The awards celebrate the huge variety of products and services available at the exhibition. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of rating disability products might well have been a factor behind the invitation, although the decision as to who is awarded the coveted Able Magazine’s Naidex Best In Show Award gets harder every year.

Pick up your free copy and meet the Able Magazine team on our stand.

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Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike’s revolutionary off-road manual wheelchair products enable wheelchair users to enjoy the freedom and independence to travel off the beaten track and explore the great outdoors with friends and family.

The Mountain Trike is the world’s first, truly all-terrain wheelchair that is practical and off-road capable. Users can enjoy trips to the park, woodland trails, travel over sand, mud, snow and even tackle urban obstacles such as cobbles and kerbs in comfort and style. The unique lever drive system means your hands stay clean and dry whatever the weather.

At Naidex 2019 the Mountain Trike Company will be revealing a new addition to the Mountain Trike range. Talking about the new product launch, Mountain Trike’s managing director, Tim Morgan says: “I’m happy to say the prototype has clocked up hundreds of miles and feedback has been invaluable and extremely positive. The new model will complement our existing three models and enable more wheelchair users to enjoy the outdoors independently. As with all our off-road wheelchairs quality, comfort and safety is at the forefront when I’m designing and again this has not been compromised.

I’ve also been giving our other models a facelift, using new chassis parts and making the whole range modular and upgradeable. I’m really looking forward to exciting times for myself and the team at Mountain Trike as we keep moving forward.”

All will be revealed at Naidex, the Mountain Trike Company will have their full off-road wheelchair range available to try, along with their new product. (See a full review in the next issue of Able Magazine.)

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Brook Miller Mobility

Accessible Motorhomes Return to Naidex 2019

After their success at Naidex 2018 and lifting the Able Magazine ‘Best in Show’ award, Brook Miller Mobility are excited to return to Naidex 2019!

Brook Miller Mobility offer the complete package. Their designers and innovators all share the same vision; that everyone and anyone, regardless of mobility issues or disability, can still have the opportunity to experience the best that life has to offer and will have the chance to experience and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors – bringing often discarded dreams back to life.

With years of experience, Brook Miller Mobility pride themselves on their personal approach to wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions, custom design and adapting each vehicle to each customer’s individual needs.

Model review

Liberation VC 390 Fiat Ducato

  • Custom conversion in the Fiat Ducato 35 Maxi XLB LWB Diesel 2.3
  • Spacious open plan layout with clever use of storage space
  • Central hoist system running from the front to back of the vehicle
  • Fold out rear double bed and single fold out bed to the front
  • Kitchen area with hobs, fridge, sink, microwave and grill
  • Wheelchair accessible wetroom with rolling shower screen doors

The Liberation family’s high spec and attention to detail enable their fleet of accessible motorhomes and caravans to be used all year round from the run of the mill camping trip to a wild camping adventure! Offering the latest in comfort and style, the Liberation family fleet includes plenty of room to move about with ease, truly giving that ‘home from home’ feel. With a range of adaptations available, the chance to experience and enjoy freedom again really is available to all. They really are prepared to build your dream with you!

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Contact Brook Miller Mobility on: 0800 064 4454 or visit: