Community organisations and role models from across the UK headed to the magnificent Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 17 September to witness the country’s 2020 winners being crowned the best of British diversity.

Naturally, Able Magazine were present at the event, with editor and National Diversity Awards (NDAs) judge, Tom Jamison, commenting: “It was great to be back. We’ve been supporting the Awards for nine years and during that time we’ve seen them catch hold of people’s imagination and develop in their scope to become a premier benchmark of British diversity. We all missed the ceremony last year so it’s great to be back – and as usual the incredible stories and achievements that emerged were well worth the (extra) wait.”

Television presenter, Konnie Huq hosted ninth annual National Diversity Awards, saying: “(I’m) so pleased to be hosting this year’s National Diversity Awards. Diversity and inclusivity are two massively important areas to me that important strides can still be made in. It’s great to be honouring those who have already done so in this field. We’ve seen a challenging year and it’s important we still keep striving to improve the playing field to a level one.”

A record 60,000 people were nominated last year alone with an astonishing 126 nominees being recognised for their various achievements nationwide.

Changing Places Ambassador, Zack Kerr, from Accrington, received the award in the positive role model for disabled people category, campaigning tirelessly for disabled facilities at service stations across the UK while in the disabled community organisation category, campaigning group, Wouldn’t Change a Thing, were commended for modernising mainstream perceptions of Down’s syndrome.

The National Diversity Awards is always a feelgood ceremony, where each nominee has most certainly earned their right to be in attendance for their fantastic work in their specific community.