The Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC), leading experts in user-centred research involving disabled and older people, recently held a research exchange about best practice and innovative ideas. Presentations included supporting customers who need it the most, with this year’s annual event supported by 50 attendees from different industries providing them with a valuable opportunity to meet people from different sectors and share experiences and ideas.

RiDC is an independent, UK charity with a board of trustees, all of whom have personal experience of disability. Working with businesses, charities and government to improve products and services, the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers has over 50 years’ experience of specialist research. It was the fi rst UK charity to develop a specialist consumer research forum involving disabled and older people, which now has over 800 members – but more people are needed to provide a louder voice.

Members help RiDC by taking part in research, sharing their knowledge and their experience. This includes surveys and consultations and, for mystery shopping, focus groups and technical testing, members usually get paid a fee for their time and expenses. People can join in one of three ways:

Sign up online:
Tel: 020 7427 2460

What does mystery shopping involve?

Mainly it’s about checkout service quality, sales practices and accessibility for disabled and older people of specialist services. Currently, members carry out over 250 mystery shopping inspections each year. Mystery shopping can either be a visit to a local shop or retailer, a phone call, a website visit or a home visit to check on how salespeople treat their customers.

Apart from doing something positive, you’ll get the chance to give your views and tell them about your experiences in regular polls, surveys or consultations about existing or new products or services. Also, you’ll be better informed about other quality research and reports through their monthly email newsletter. Joining an independent research charity that’s controlled by disabled people will make you part of the RiDC community and help the charity create a stronger voice.

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