Founded in Iceland in 1971, Össur has been present in the UK for the past 51 years. Named after the prosthetist and founder of the company, Össur Kristinsson, the company began by making liners for wear inside prostheses and has expanded to provide a wide range of prostheses, osteoarthritis, and injury solution products. 

Through a stringent research and development process, many life-changing products have been added to the portfolio over the years, among them the Unloader One®, a clinically proven solution to relieve knee osteoarthritis pain, and the SYMBIONIC® LEG, the world’s first complete bionic leg incorporating Bionic Technology by Össur. The OA Ease, an easy-to-use knee osteoarthritis solution will be available direct from GP practices later in 2022.

Össur now employs approximately three thousand staff members across the world. Despite the company’s growth, its motto ‘Life Without Limitations’ and the belief that nobody should be held back by a limb difference or mobility challenge, remains unchanged. 

So how does Össur ensure it is living by its motto? By sticking to these five commitments

Being knowledgeable – Össur has a strong commitment to continuous learning. It has its own team of research and development specialists and in-house clinicians to support its customers and product users and works closely with external research and educational bodies. 

Being educational – The Össur Academy team of orthotists, prosthetists, and physiotherapists ensures that clinicians are fully supported in working with Össur products and in keeping their skills up to date. Team members are dedicated to the goals of the Össur Academy: “To further the level of education and quality of prosthetic and orthopaedic knowledge among professionals, patients, and their families”.

Being innovative – Össur has pioneered a ‘one visit prosthetic solution’, meaning prosthetists can fit a prosthetic socket in just one visit, allowing patients to attend a clinic for a fitting and to leave with their final prosthesis on the very same day. 

Being sustainable – In 2021, Össur became a carbon-neutral company by reducing emissions from operations, improving energy efficiency, sourcing energy from renewable sources, and offsetting any remaining emissions by supporting credible emission reduction programmes. 

Being helpful – Össur prides itself on being approachable and providing ongoing help and support to both clinicians and patients. It does this by providing ongoing training, product information resources, webinars, in-person support, and by being at the end of the phone line for fast, friendly, and thorough information.

If you have experienced limb loss, injury, or osteoarthritis and want to know more about the solutions available to you, or if you need help in speaking to your clinician about your needs, the Össur team is happy to have a chat about the product range and suitability and to help in any way they can. 

The UK customer service team is open Monday to Friday 9-5pm and can be reached on 03450 065065.

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