In two weeks time nominations and voting will close for the National Diversity Awards 2018! An astonishing 16,000 people have taken the time to tell us about the life-changing work being carried out by local heroes and community groups.

Check out the brilliant video above from Stephen Fry explaining why diversity & inclusion is important to him. “When we examine what life is like without diversity and inclusion, it gives us a clue as to why this is so important.”

Nominating for the National Diversity Awards is easy! Simply choose an award category for the person/organisation you wish to nominate for.

Voting closes on Friday 01st June – Why wait? Submit an entry today!

About The National Diversity Awards

The National Diversity Awards is a prestigious black-tie event, which celebrates the excellent achievements of grass-root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Charities, role models and community heroes will be honoured at the ceremony showcasing their outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion; thus embracing the excellence of all citizens irrespective of race, faith, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability and culture.

The concept for the National Diversity Awards arose when The Diversity Group identified an urgent need for more positive role models to be actively promoted, with the aim to empower and inspire the wide breadth of diverse communities across the UK.

If ever there was a time to celebrate and elevate the truly staggering diversity of talent the UK has to offer, it is now – opportunities are thin, and deprived communities need motivation and inspiration.

These awards are for people who inspire other individuals through their work, through their commitment to helping others, through their infectious personalities and through adversity.

Nominees and award winners are an integral part of helping people in today’s society to believe they can achieve their goals and ambitions, no matter what background you come from.

The Diversity Group are proud to be working on such an incredible event filled with celebration and unity. It has been extraordinary to witness the inspiring stretch of role models that the UK has to offer, and see the unfolding journeys of Britain’s most influential charities that often go unnoticed.

The UK has taken such an event to their hearts, with thousands of nominations being received each year, all of which focus on the unsung diversity heroes of our nation