The Able Magazine Naidex Best In Show Awards have been a staple part of the Birmingham disability event for a number of years. The 2017 award was scooped by Living Safely and their excellent, Vivago Care Watch


Able Magazine were again official headline media partners with Naidex and presented the award to Peter Holland of Living Safely yesterday afternoon.

The watch monitors micro movements and other physiological details to build up a profile of the user’s circadian rhythms enabling carers and healthcare professionals to better understand the user’s habits and needs. Interruptions to the data patterns can be used to trigger alarms for urgent help or to interpret symptoms that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Able Magazine editor, Tom Jamison said: “The Vivago Care Watch is a worthy winner of the Award. The concept starts with the person as an individual and is smart, discreet and affordable. To provide effective solutions, it’s important to fully understand the challenge. The data that the Care Watch collects helps enormously with this and can be used to restore and preserve the independence, so treasured by disabled people.”

Peter Holland of Living Safely said “I can’t tell you how chuffed we are! There’s obviously a lot of very good innovative products here and to be picked out of such an amazing bunch of exhibitors is really quite something, so we’re really pleased.

We’re hoping that the Care Watch is going to bridge the areas of medicine and telecare. It provides a genuinely effective solution for vulnerable people, especially when they’re alone in their own home.”

Tom Jamison added: “The Able Magazine Naidex Best In Show Awards are usually a ‘headscratcher’ with thousands of products to choose from. This year, however it was more of a ‘headache’ with several other products that really impressed, such as: ATEL’s Vitalerter and GrandCare systems, OrCam’s MyEye assistive glasses and the excellent C-Leg prosthetic by Ottobock.

As usual, the range of products and the quality on show was spectacular and we can’t wait to see more next year!”