Coachbuilt provide truly bespoke wheelchair accessible day vehicles & motorhomes designed to meet your exact requirments.

Each of their iCruiser and iTourer models are built to order and designed to meet the individual healthcare and access requirements. The range can include such features as: ceiling track hoists, bespoke wet-rooms & shower tables, in-cab docking & travel systems, profiling & height adjustable beds, 12v Slide out walls, 12v turntable & bespoke hoists, 6-way cab & passenger seats and wheelchair cassette lifts.

Experience is everything, lets hear from Kaye Hewitt an owner of an iCruiser Swift KonTiki 649 Motorhome.

Why did you buy an iCruiser Motorhome?

We didn’t think about using a motorhome for our holidays until last year – In the summer we had several really bad experiences with ‘standard’ wheelchair accessible accommodation, after many aborted holidays and weekends away my confidence to travel as a wheelchair user was shattered.

We found Coachbuilt GB in October 2017 and it instantly clicked that a motorhome, if it was built to meet my requirements, would let’s holiday and travel issues.

I am a fiercely independent full-time wheelchair user, so our brief to Coachbuilt GB was to provide an iCruiser motorhome that was fully accessible to allow me to use the motorhome completely independently.

What equipment does your iCruiser Motorhome have?

In addition to the standard specification that you would expect from a Swift KonTiki – Our iCruiser also compromises the following:

  • Wide door access
  • Wheelchair lift with wireless remote
  • Push-pull driver hand controls & cruise control
  • Automated six-way seat (allows me to transfer easily from wheelchair into the cab)
  • Wet-room with shower seat
  • Shower Chair
  • 12v Slide Out Bedroom

Where have you been in the iCruiser motorhome?

In May this year, we started off with a little weekend away in the  Cotswolds, just to get used to the vehicle. Since then we spent the 3 weeks driving down the west coast of France through to San.Sebestian in Spain, then headed up to Disneyland Paris (Kids loved it).

We have spent several weeks travelling around the UK and Scotland – I’ve always wanted to get to the Isle of Skye, but couldn’t have done this without the iCruiser.

What has been the most fun activity you have done whilst motorhoming?

We have done a lot of fun things, horse-riding, track days, music festivals, spontaneous touring and wild camping.

But for me the most joy I have had since owning the iCruiser has come from the ability to simply and easily travel, to be spontaneous and spend hassle free quality time with friends and family.

The iCruiser hasn’t just given me a place to stay, sleep and travel, but it has given the family an opportunity to be together and make lovely memories.

What do you are think the barriers to motorhoming?

We all know ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ and no two wheelchair users are exactly the same, therefore, when considering wheelchair accessible travel, you really need a vehicle that has been designed for you. We very quickly learnt that standard ‘wheelchair accessible models’ will always offer a compromise. In my opinion, the only barrier would be not finding Coachbuilt GB.

What is it you love about your iCruiser Motorhome?

For us as a family: Freedom, Independence, Spontaneity, Quality Family Time. For me as a wheelchair user: Hassle-free unapologetic travel, ultimate confidence & uncompromised independence.

For more information contact the team at Coachbuilt GB
Tel: 024 7634 1196