Tuesday 4th October, London: Branded Studios is excited to announce that their multi-award-winning documentary, Access All Areas, will be coming soon to digital download.  

The film is an incredible docu-drama exploring the extraordinary life of one of the UK’s most influential speakers, Simon Sansome, who has spent years fighting for disability rights. 

A truly inspirational story of one man’s fight back against the system.Simon Sansome is now one of the country’s leading lights in the world of disability, named as one of the most influential in Britain. This is the story of how it all began…

Just a month after marrying his dream woman Kate, Simon attended his usual chiropractic appointment to work on his long-lasting rugby injury in his lower back.Little did Simon know, this visit would change his life. His chiropractor caused serious damage resulting in Simon collapsing on his walk back to his car with no feeling left from his belly button down.Simon turned to the NHS and their expert doctors to help him, but they overlooked an emergency operation, claiming there was ‘no clear cause’ for his situation meaning Simon would suffer permanent disablement for the rest of his life.Simon had lost the use of his body from the waist down and then his job. 

The tragedy was further struck when Kate lost their child while Simon was in the hospital. The last time the couple made love was to be their first and only chance of having a family.Simon was not going to give up! With Kate by his side, he took his battle to the courts. With no money, legal aid or training he fought back and in doing so he has become one of the ‘most influential men in the world of disability.This was no ordinary case. He had to win… This is a story of hope, of rising against the odds, and more than this, it is a love story that proves despite loss and tragedy, love can overcome.

Check out the trailer below!

Excited about the release, inspiration behind the film Simon Sansome, said: “The reason we made this film is to raise awareness of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES), which doctors have told me is the case that every doctor fears, that the public knows nothing about.

However, following my story of CES also allowed us to highlight the direct discrimination that I faced not only in the workplace, where I was forced out of my job, but also in society. A prime example of this is my Ability Access page that got stopped by Facebook when I recorded a conversation saying “Disabilities are disturbing on Facebook”.

This is a situation that many people face every year that goes unnoticed by the majority, and so we wanted to highlight what it’s like becoming a disabled person when you have a career ahead of you and the struggles it takes.

The reason I allowed Branded Studios to tell my story is because of Charlotte Fantelli. It was Charlotte‘s idea from day one, we chatted for a whole day and realised we had a lot in common, her mother also has a severe disability so she knows what it’s like to have a member of the family with health issues and restrictions.”

Director Charlotte Fantelli said: “Disability is a topic close to my heart as my mother has struggled with severe ill-health. I know the reality can be very harsh and saddening, but equally stories like Simon’s convey the most powerful side of the human spirit. Our goal is to really show the viewer the full reality of becoming and being disabled, not in a ‘Hollywood’ way, but in a real way, showing the strength and determination it takes to overcome daily battles.

Not only this, but the unavoidable changes made to the lives of those that love them most, who may spend the rest of their life being a carer.

We use a combination of personal stories and reconstructions with the wonderful SJ Honeywell and Olly Bassi, to really convey the emotion of the moments we are discussing.

We aim to show the audience the gritty and poignant reality that becoming disabled truly means. Our goal is to shed light on the disabled world and not only tell Simon’s story but also reveal the physical and emotional difficulties that disabled people face all over the world. And thus showing how incredible, powerful and strong the human spirit really can be.”

Access All Areas will be coming soon to Digital Download!