Handiscover announced this week that it has recorded 490% growth in booking as compared with a year earlier, thanks to its vigorous increase in accessible accommodation supplies. To continue the momentum, Handiscover will team up with Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, and get access to Amadeus hotel offering that today covers more than 650,000 unique global hotel properties. This partnership will bring an enormous increase in Handiscover’s accommodation supply. People with reduced mobility will have a wide array of choices when booking on its website.

“We are committed to creating a better and more accessible world, and we are happy to collaborate with companies like Amadeus who share the same vision with us,” said Sebastien Archambeaud, Founder and CEO of Handiscover. “This strategic collaboration means that Handiscover will bring a huge range of accommodations to people with reduced mobility – in regards to types of properties, price levels or geographical locations.”

“We are glad to team up with Handiscover to help them provide an even greater choice of hotels for people with reduced mobility or special needs,” said Markus Nilsson, Head on Online Travel at Amadeus Scandinavia, “ “because the possibility to search and book accessible travel for everyone is the goal of Amadeus.”

Handiscover’s unique classification system enables travellers to select their level of mobility when searching for accommodations and hotels.

“Our work at Handiscover not only helps promote a more accessible world but also makes perfect business sense when we see the growth in accessible travel over the past three years,” continued Sebastien Archambeaud.

According to the latest accessible travel study by Amadeus, Europe and United States have together represented a £51.88 billion market in accessible tourism. In the United Kingdom, 11.9 million disabled people are said to have disposable income collectively worth £80 billion.

Sebastien Archambeaud added, “We have grown our accommodations from a few thousand to more than 23,000 certified properties online, and with the robust growth in our accommodation supplies, we are confident to expand our business further internationally.”

Handiscover is the no. 1 holiday accommodation booking website for people with disabilities or special needs. Before teaming up with Amadeus, Handiscover had over 23,000 certified properties online and access to 150,000 hotels via customer support. Founded in 2015, Handiscover aims to create the largest travel community for people with disabilities by offering accessible accommodations in the marketplace.

About Handiscover

Founded in 2015, Handiscover is the no. 1 holiday accommodation booking website for people with reduced mobility or special needs. Handiscover uniquely leverages technology to define the level of accessibility of accommodations and classify them with highlights of their accessibility features. Disabilities and reduced mobility is not a marginal issue as it affects between 15-20% of the population. Whether it be an apartment, a house, a villa, a castle, a treehouse, B&B or a hotel, Handiscover has classified them all according to their level of accessibility. Currently, Handiscover has over 23,000 certified properties in more than 83 countries. With Handiscover’s travel blogs, destination guides and tips, travellers are inspired to discover the world. For more details, please visit www.handiscover.com

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