On stand D23 in Hall 6 at Rehacare, Karma Taiwan will be unveiling a revolutionary new product which incorporates robotics, IoT, cloud and other cutting-edge technology. Visitors to the stand will be the first people anywhere to see this first hand.

Among the already well-known Karma products on show will be the VIP2 manual wheelchair which offers users a superb combination of tilt in space and reclining positions to ensure they can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief, positioning and comfort at all times.

The VIP2 has 35-degree tilt and now comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions or an adjustable reclining back of 30 degrees. The recline angle of the fixed backrest is adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees. The VIP2 comes with an adjustable headrest with a greater range of position options while other enhancements include a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest which were very popular options on the VIP-515.

Many users of reclining wheelchairs have is the risk of sliding. This has been addressed by locating the pivot point of the chair close to the user’s hip joint which synchronises with the motion of the body and the chair therefore greatly reducing the sensation of sliding when reclining. The feeling of anxiousness some users have when going to the tilt position has also been taken into account with the design of a unique weight shifting system. The system allows the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels while tilting which provides steadier balance and greater feeling of security.

The Flexx self-propel wheelchair is a highly configurable wheelchair with innovative features which allow the user to make adjustments for optimum use and comfort. The lightweight aluminium frame makes the wheelchair easy to navigate and control and standard features include adjustable backrest height and backrest angle, height adjustable armrests, seat depth and adjustable rear wheel position. The Flexx Self Propel has been designed with the user in mind with a modern build and different seat sizes are available for this model. Complimenting the VIP2 and Flexx will be the Flexx Jr which has been designed for children aged between 7 and 14.

Also on show will be examples from the company’s range of powered wheelchairs. The eFlexx is one of the lightest foldable powered wheelchairs currently available and now features lithium batteries. Standard features include reinforced double cross braces for increased levels of user comfort and safety, while the swing-away controller ensures the user can sit close to tables and desks without the risk of catching their fingers. Additional features include foldable push handles to help with folding the eFlexx, swing away footrests which enable the chair to be used in confined spaces and to get close to a chair or bed, angle adjustable backrest for increased comfort and height adjustable flip-back armrests with an integrated locking system for simple transfer in and out of the chair.

The Morgan powerchair has been described as ‘a great all-round companion’ with excellent indoor and outdoor capabilities plus a small turning circle of just 65cm for superb indoor control that is provided by the mid-wheel drive. The independent suspension and power motor allows the powerchair to navigate and handle rough terrain with ease, whilst the narrow width of just 60cm makes it easy to cruise through doorways, into lifts and around confined spaces. There is also the option of different colour choices, seating and power options all of which combine to make the Morgan a truly bespoke power chair.

Additional features of the Morgan include: power tilt with centre of gravity shift, power recline with sheer reduction, power elevating leg rests and power seat rise. To compliment the range of powerchairs, Karma Mobility offers an extensive range of lightweight aluminium wheelchairs which include some of the lightest wheelchairs on the market and as they do not make wheelchairs for anyone else the designs are unique and often patented.

The Leon powerchair from Karma Mobility has been designed to take full advantage of rear wheel drive when being used outdoors. Geared for speed without compromising on stability or control, the Leon has an exceptionally narrow wheelbase (62cm) which allows for agile manoeuvrability, making it a superior powerchair for even the most active users.

Featuring a full suspension system for an extra comfortable ride and a top speed of 8 mph, the Leon is available in a range of colours. There are also a range of seating and power options which include power tilt with centre of gravity shift, power recline and sheer reduction which can be applied independently or together, depending on the user’s individual requirements. Also on show will be the LS-300 powered wheelchair which features a lower seat height than most chairs currently available and the iBuddy smart wheelchair

For more information on the full range of manual and powered wheelchairs available or to discuss retailer opportunities call 0845 630 3436.