Kuradocs, the online application for those with, or caring for someone with, a disability has announced upgrades which now include auto-population of the majority of questions in the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) form.

Receiving feedback from users of the system, Kuradocs identified that collating all the information needed to complete a child’s DLA form requires accessing vast amounts of information and evidence. Pulling all this together takes time, with notes, diaries, and memory being relied upon.

The information required for the form includes information on the child’s health, mobility and care, including consultations, attendance at residential colleges, or hospital admissions, time spent caring per day etc. The enhancements to Kuradocs ensures key elements required by the DLA form can now be captured, enabling the form to be run from the Kuradocs system with the individual’s unique needs already completed.

Entering information into a Kuradocs account throughout the year on a regular basis and following appointments, or when there are any changes in care, enables the user to generate a report with the majority of questions on the DLA form auto-populated. Crucially this reduces precious time spent looking for information. No more searching for lists of appointments, equipment, medications or hospital visit dates.

As you would expect, the auto-populated elements of the form can be reviewed and edited before it is signed and submitted.

Kuradocs is the brainchild of Nicola Murgatroyd whose experience of looking after a daughter with very complex medical needs provided her with first-hand knowledge of the challenges this can present. Nicola recognised the need to have a system that could contain all the information in one central place relating to the care of a child or loved one. From the frustrations of repeating information to different healthcare professionals, to monitoring medication, and keeping appointment dates clear, Kuradocs has been created to help manage all the information related to caring for a loved one with a disability, in one online, easily accessible, and secure place. What’s more the information can be shared with others e.g. family members or carers, should you wish, ensuring continuity of care.

The Disability Living Allowance form completion is run through the reports section of Kuradocs, which is available to Premium account holders. Kuradocs is offering a reduced subscription, for those who sign up by 31 January 2017, of £7 per month for 12 months (usually £10 per month). Just enter the promotional code: Kuradocs7 on the subscription page.

For further details visit www.kuradocs.com.