Olaf is little Charlie’s very favourite toy. When Charlie’s mum presses the button on Olaf’s tummy, Olaf sings a song and does a special dance. Charlie would love to be able to make Olaf dance by himself, but he can’t manage to press the little button on his own. In fact Charlie can’t sit or stand, he has to lie down or be strapped in an upright position in his high chair.

The Remap team in Northern Ireland came up with a clever plan. They found a big red button, and connected it to Olaf without using any wires.

Now Charlie can press the big red button on his own, so he can make Olaf sing and dance whenever he likes. They are having lots of fun playing together. His mum Sharon says: “Thank you so much. Charlie has been playing most of the afternoon with Olaf and Remap has given Charlie the independence to do this himself.”


Remap is a charity that finds unique solutions to everyday challenges. It provides disabled people with custom-made equipment to help them be as independent as possible. From mobility aids to gadgets around the home and sports equipment to supporting education and learning, no problem is too big or too small.

Remap is a national charity with hundreds of volunteers who love making things for disabled people. They design and custom-make equipment with everything provided free of charge! Remap aims to help people achieve independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

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Whenever there’s a need for a piece of equipment that isn’t on the market, or to adapt something that is, Remap can help.

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