Cough and cold season is well underway. Able Magazine reviews the throat sweet loved by lecturers and singers alike.

Grether’s Pastilles are a traditional throat sweet still made with their original 1850 recipe and are available in fruity blackcurrant, red currant, elderflower and blueberry flavours – as well as in sugar-free versions.

The pastilles soothe irritation and coat the vocal chords like a protective film, providing relief from constant throat clearing and dry coughing.

Our Able Magazine reviewer, a teacher by profession, described them as “gently soothing” and it seems that she’s not alone. Grether’s are apparently the go-to throat sweet for others who need to protect against their vocal cords becoming strained, including Harry Styles, Ariana Grande and even the Kardashians.

Each flavour is available as traditional or sugar-free in 60g tin (£3.99), 110g tin (£5.99), 440g tin (£19.99) or 100g refill pouch (£4.23).


4 Stars