As nominations open for the 2019 National Diversity Awards, previous award winners have flocked to encourage the nation to recognize the very best of British diversity. 

“One person may have collected the award, but it was received by over 500 members” Said Pamela Franklin, founder of the Caribbean Social Forum.

“Winning a National Diversity Award has helped me personally and by so doing it has taken the Caribbean Social Forum to another level and set us on a new past of success”

Organizers are expecting an influx of entries as the annual ceremony has now re-opened its submissions to recognize role models and community organisations across the UK.

Echoing this sentiment is Dr Lewis Turner, winner of the Lifetime Achiever Award, “It was a privilege to spend the evening in such an awesome setting with so many inspirational people. I will never forget the experience. We all know that doing the work of diversity and inclusion can be a difficult slog at times, but events such as this can be really uplifting and energising!”

With the ever increasing need for cohesion between communities from all walks of life, the National Diversity Awards is sure to deliver this year’s grandest celebration of diversity.

The breathtaking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral will play host to the 2019 ceremony, to be held on September 20th. The UK’s most inspirational and selfless people will come together to honour the rich tapestry of our nation, recognising individuals and groups from grass roots communities.

The iconic awards have recently announced new supporters and returning sponsor MI5 & HSBC. The prestigious black tie event has also attracted a growing list of endorsements from celebrities who are actively supporting the diversity agenda including Sir Lenny Henry, Stephen Fry and Ana Matronic.

Emmerdale actor Ash Palmisciano has joined a powerful line up of judges who will help whittle down the nominees to showcase the best of British diversity.

“There are so many inspiring people working hard and doing extraordinary things to make positive changes in our world and they really deserve to be recognised.” Ash commented. “I’m looking forward to hearing about all the fantastic and much needed work happening across our county, I’m extremely proud to be a part of such an inspirational night.”

Unfortunately, there can only be one winner for each of the 15 award categories; but with 25,000 nominations and votes received annually, who will be given this prestigious honour?

Founder & CEO Paul Sesay said, “Unlocking Britain’s diverse talent and rewarding unsung champions remains at the heart of these awards.” Sesay, who was fostered as a young child, is the passionate guiding light behind The National Diversity Awards and has made it his mission to bring communities together.

“As we enter our 08th awards season, The National Diversity Awards prepare to welcome a host of outstanding role models and charities to our family. We look to those who represent progress, spirit and resilience, and I cannot wait to learn about the wonderful work being carried out this year”.

Nominations will close on May 31st – To nominate, please visit