Ottobock UK has launched a new addition to its highly popular Juvo powered wheelchair range — a mid-wheel drive version.

Complementing the existing Juvo range, with its forward and rear wheel drive options, the new mid-wheel drive edition provides the same winning combination of reliability, safety and design, with an even tighter turning circle.

In addition, its torsion drive system — unique to the mid-wheel drive edition — will give the user a far smoother and more stable ride than conventional mid-wheel drive chairs, with a reduced rocking motion when going up kerbs and when stopping and starting.

Users will also benefit from a new vario-adjustable seat, the width of which can be adapted at any time to suit a person’s body weight, and for those in need of more side support, an anti-sheer recline system to keep support where it is needed.

Simon Tempest, Head of Business Unit, Human Mobility, Ottobock, said: “Our front and rear wheel drive Juvo chairs are incredibly popular with our customers, and we felt it was a natural progression to offer a mid-wheel drive version as well. The torsion drive system has been created just for this chair, offering comfort, safety, reduced rocking and overall, a much smoother user experience.”

The Juvo range is designed to give people with varying medical conditions and specific needs the opportunity to have their everyday companion truly tailored to them. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Spina Bifida and spinal injuries.

And thanks to the range of different options available — including a wide range of frame colours to reflect the user’s personality — each Juvo user will have, through their rehab specialist, a customised power wheelchair that is always ready to support their daily routine and weekend activities.

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