Two endurance para-riders are aiming to raise £5,000 for Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Para dressage rider, Kirstie McPherson, who is also a novice para endurance rider who experiences complex disabilities that mean her joints are prone to dislocation and subluxation (Ehlers-Danlos) and her muscles to spasm and joints to twist, (generalised dystonia) and cause her periods of blindness and paralysis, (hemiplegic migraine), will set out across Dartmoor to on 17 July 2021 to ride 50 miles to raise £5,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Kirstie will be accompanied on her quest by endurance rider, Vicky Bartlett who planned the route and will be leading the ride along with safety rider, Emily Lyndon.

The challenge will be completed over three consecutive days, riding 17 miles per day so any subluxated or dislocated limbs can be popped back in each night. Kirstie’s last sponsored ride helped purchase a defibrillator for her local RDA centre. Nine miles into the 13-mile ride she experienced two dislocated knee caps and it was only realising what the centre stood to lose if she fell short, that kept her in the saddle.

The air ambulance is very close to Kirstie’s heart, having friends with children who have been airlifted to hospital.

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Image courtesy of Farlap Photography.