A Peace of Mind funeral plan is a simple and secure way to organise your arrangements in advance, specify your wishes and take care of the costs.

It’s a chance to protect yourself against the rising cost of funerals (up 92% in 11 years).  With a Peace of Mind funeral plan, you choose the funeral and funeral director you want, and pay for it at today’s prices.

Which plan do you choose?  That is where we can help you.  Peace of Mind funeral plans are completely independent of any funeral director.  So we can guide you through the different options so that you get the plan that is best for your individual circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your choices.

You can benefit from:

✔ Protection against rising funeral costs
✔ Your choice of funeral director
✔ Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want
✔ Guaranteed acceptance.

To discuss your choices contact:

Peace of Mind Funeral Plans – 01380 870784

All plans registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.