A fibre used by Man for more than  2,000 years – and for good reason – wool, has extraordinary properties associated with good health and wellbeing.

Sadly, the advent of synthetics rendered wool unfashionable for some decades, but fortunately, as all things come full circle, wool is making a comeback and many people are joining the quiet revolution and returning to this natural, wonderful fibre.

The bedding industry is a prime example with wool duvets, pillows and mattress toppers now centre stage in the quest for a decent, wholesome, good night’s sleep. Unlike feathers or down filled duvets, wool duvets are free of dust mite and don’t exacerbate breathing difficulties for people with allergies or asthmatics. Unlike synthetic duvets, wool alleviates night sweats – perfect for women going through the menopause or anyone for whom those hot clammy episodes every night result in disturbed sleep and severe discomfort. Instead, wool wicks moisture away from the sleeper and evaporates through the duvet, ensuring a cosy, warm, but comfortable, unbroken night of restorative sleep.

Cool in summer but warm in winter, without the weight of heavy blankets or quilts, – all credit needs to go to the clever sheep who produce the fleece in the first place.

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