The Big Disability Group provide information and advice about organisations, groups and clubs who offer support regarding all disabilities and to all age groups, with needs varying from physical disability, mobility and pain management, through to mental illness and loneliness. They direct people that need help towards support groups, enabling them to engage with the community and creating overall positive change in people’s lives.

During the COVID-19 situation The Big Disability Group continue to offer information and support to people living with disabilities, and their families and carers, thanks to their staff and volunteers working from home.

Unfortunately their annual open day has had to be cancelled. To compensate for this they have increased their online activity to try to reach the people who need them and to make sure they are still offering everyone the opportunity to access information about the support they need. 

They have also reached out to their members to offer support with anything they may need at this time whether it’s help to have medication picked up, access to emergency food supplies or just someone to chat to and they have also launched their ‘Life After Lockdown’ project which aims to match people with groups and organisations now in the hope of building relationships and confidence when lockdown is over and they can participate in person. 

While they are based in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, they do not operate exclusively in the local area but engage with groups and individuals from across Scotland.

The group are always available via phone, email, their facebook page, Twitter and their chat group between 9am and 5pm however you will often get a reply outside of these hours. 

You can contact the group

Tel: 0141 237 4560



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