Door-to-door, no major destination on Earth is more than 24 hours away. This time tomorrow you could be in New Zealand

The world, as Del Boy would tell Rodney, is your lobster, my son. In correcting Del’s line to oyster rather than lobster, the world’s pearls have never been more accessible.

But to those of us who need a little help with our mobility, concerns about accessibility and loss or damage to equipment can sometimes make travel a little too much of an adventure. Or can it…?

With planning and research and a little more time, there is a whole world to explore regardless of any need for mobility assistance.

Heightened worldwide awareness of the needs of those who use mobility equipment, means few travel hubs or destinations don’t cater for ‘the adventurous-in-mind but limited-mobility’.

The founder of Blue Badge Mobility Insurance has a son who is a wheelchair user. He established the business because he couldn’t find a mobility equipment insurer whom, he felt, really understood the needs of his son.

The insurance industry has moved on, but there is still concern amongst less-abled travellers that the world has restricted access.

“They need not worry. We travel to the same places as any other family. The trick is planning and research, which can actually be quite fun. Most UK rail companies and coach operators provide good access and support whether by law or by company policy, as do ferry and cruise ship operators,” he said.

“It’s air travel that can be a perceived issue. But most airlines and airports are well-versed in getting mobility equipment users from drop-off to aircraft seat, and back again. Indeed you and your travelling companions often get to jump queues and gain “The key concern has to be the impact of loss or breakage of equipment. Well, again, the majority of airlines and airports take great care of mobility equipment, but if it does get lost or damaged Blue Badge Mobility Insurance has a policy aimed at repairing or replacing the equipment, and our policy offers out of country cover for up to 90 days.
“That takes the worry away and leaves you with time to have great fun researching and planning your holiday.”

Blue Badge Mobility Insurance is focused on enabling your independence and is regulated by the FCA. For more information go to or call us on 01730 233 101.

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