Blesma, The Limbless Veterans is one of only around 10 charities that exist today from the 18,000 that were born out of the First World War.

Following this global conflict, 40,000 British servicemen returned home having acquired life-changing injuries. Amputation techniques were in their infancy and artificial limbs primitive. Although medical practices and opportunities for disabled people have come a long way since those days there is still a great need to support those who experience daily, the impact of their life-changing injuries.

Blesma continues to work tirelessly to provide practical, emotional and financial support to injured veterans and their families as they rebuild their lives. We support our members for life; just as we are still caring for our Second World War veterans, we also look after younger generations who have survived complex trauma injury in recent conflicts and will need our specialised support as they face the long journey ahead.

Providing expert advice on the NHS and benefi ts, delivering activities, grants and giving opportunities for members to support fellow members are just some of the ways Blesma delivers this essential support.

Blesma aims to ensure that all serving or ex-servicemen and women who have lost sight, limbs or the use of limbs can lead independent and fulfilling lives and will not be failed, forgotten or left behind.

For more information on what Blesma, The Limbless Veterans does, please visit our website at:

Attention anyone who has served in the Armed Forces…

Blesma is the leading charity for limbless veterans AND those veterans who have lost the use of a limb or limbs.

Many of our Members have lost limbs since leaving military service, but Blesma is also there for all ex-Service men and women who have lost the use of limbs in a traumatic incident after serving.

Our Blesma Support Officers are available to offer advice and answer your questions about mobility or living with the loss of use of limb.

Call: 020 8548 7080
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