Wizard Wheelchairs design and manufacture bespoke motorised wheelchairs.

Whatever your requirements, Wizard Wheelchairs aim to offer a solution…

Sprint 6

The Sprint 6 is an agile new powerchair with a small footprint and superb manoeuvrability that enables the user to turn in its own length. Furthermore, the design enables the user to lower themselves to sit properly at a desk or table, or to raise themselves to the height of shelves and cupboards.

While other powerchairs incorporate this facility, the remarkable aspect of the Sprint 6 is that it retains excellent stability as the result of its unique chassis design. Our customers have found that it provides them with greater independence not only in the home but also in environments such as the supermarket and so on.

Sprint by name…

Available with two top speed options, 4mph and 8mph (for road use) some customers have begun to question whether they really do need more than one chair, for indoors and another for outdoors, when clearly this all-rounder takes multiple tasks in its stride. 

NB: The quicker model comes with lights as standard and is already registered with the DVLA for road use.

The Sprint 6 utilises the new Dynamics LINX system joystick, a sophisticated feature suitable for a model of this speed and stability – that will operate even when the powerchair is in the raised position.
The Sprint-6 has a weight capacity of 30 stones (200 kg).

Ranger 224
With the capability to handle mud, snow and ice as well as sandy beaches and tree rooted gravel tracks, the Ranger 224 has already proved itself to be the match of many costlier powerchairs, with no limit on the amount of enjoyment in the open air you can have. It tackles steep hills, while the automatic tilt and slide mechanism keeps you perfectly balanced and feeling safe.

Even so, on its days off from adventuring, the Ranger 224 reverts to being a more domestic friendly, standard powerchair by quickly attaching the single castor housed at the back of the chair – so it’s access all areas.

On return to base, you can easily change the front axle to castors for the rest of the day.

The Ranger 224 is made in the Wizard workshop to meet your exact needs, rather than taken from a box and modified.

More innovative powerchairs 

Completing the current Wizard Wheelchairs range are the Mini 6 and the Maximus.

The Mini 6 powerchair is a new model with a very small footprint and superb manoeuvrability. As well as having a rising mechanism with tilt in space option, it can be fitted with any type of seating to suit.

The Maximus has an impressive weight capacity of up to 60 stones (320 kg) and can accommodate several wheel layouts as well as a range of seating choices and other personalised specifications.

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